SDCC 2017: Krypton Reveals Heroes & Villians At Comic-Con

by Brandon Richardson
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If you haven’t heard of the series Krypton, then let me just give you a quick run down. It is going to be based around a part of Superman’s life that hasn’t really been explored before..his home world and his family lineage. On it there will be a lot of different heroes and villains that will be unmasked! At San Diego Comic-Con, Krypton’s executive producer Cameron Welsh had this to say:

We have quite a few DC characters, and characters that you wouldn’t normally associate, I guess. When you think about Krypton, you probably wouldn’t associate some of these characters, but because of that idea of time travel, it just opens it up. It opens up all the possibilities where anything can happen and anyone can sort of be involved. So there’s a lot of, I think, characters that people are going to get really excited about that we’ll see throughout the series.

Now with it being a prequel of sorts, and the ending of Krypton already known, it really begs the question, why watch it if we know the ending? Well let me answer that question with something that  Welsh had spilled the beans on by saying,

It’s a question I think a lot of people have. What we’re doing with the show is, it’s not so much a prequel, but it challenges that expectation. We have a framing device for the show where there’s a conspiracy. I wish I could tell you exactly who’s involved but I’m not allowed. There are people coming from present day Earth, from 2017, back to Krypton of 200 years ago to ensure that Superman is never born. The stakes of the show, the ending you think you know about the planet blowing up, it’s not that. We don’t know what the ending is going to be because time has changed.

There is a lot in the interview between Cameron Welsh and ComingSoon, so to read all of the awesome stuff that was revealed click here.

Krypton will air on Syfy in 2018.

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