Review: Justice League of America #11

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Pencils: Neil Edwards



The battle against Kingbutcher continues as the Justice League of America find themselves seemingly overpowered by their foe. As the battle for the reality of Earth’s dreams continues, it’s The Ray who seems to be the only hope of stopping Kingbutcher once and for all!


Steve Orlando gives us a very powerful story involving The Ray which came towards the end of the last issue. In Justice League of America #10, The Ray makes the realization that his own mother made the wish of having another family–a wish which came true. Orlando continues issue #11 with The Ray struggling with this realization–especially when his mother appears. The whole story in itself is really well told, as The Ray is visibly struggling with forgiveness once his mother tells her side of the story.


I have no negatives about this issue. The story was well told, and the battle with Kingbutcher extends throughout the book. The League really struggled against this threat overall so I’m thinking that Batman might just add another teammate to even things up for future threats with magic–but that’s just my opinion.


Overall I enjoyed reading Justice League of America #11. The story is well told, the action was great and the team really works well together now. Although Batman was present in this issue, he was pretty occupied battling Kingbutcher himself, but it provided The League the time needed to form a plan to win–without him involved. I think that’s really the part I’m most happy about with this issue. It’s great to see the team finally come together without Batman being directly involved. Black Canary and Vixen stepped up in their leadership roles just like I wanted them to, and I hope eventually we see one of them take charge in the long term.



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