[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artists: Paul Pelletier, Howard Porter, Andrew Hennessy

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



“RUNNING SCARED” finale! Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne. Legendary enemies separated by centuries pulled through time itself to battle again and again. Until now. For one year The Flash has been building to this single epic moment: the ultimate showdown between The Flash and Reverse-Flash!


The Flash’s powers have changed due to his brief imprisonment in the Negative Speed Force. It appears he can time travel without needing to use the Cosmic Treadmill and he was able to tear the Negative Speed Force out of Reverse-Flash, leaving him powerless. It will be fascinating to see what other new abilities Barry has now – or if there are any drawbacks to his new power set.

I also like the fake-out that leads us to think Barry’s about to kill Thawne to save Iris, just like he did in the pre-Flashpoint DCU, only for it to be Iris to kill him instead. Iris doesn’t need to feel bad though – Professor Zoom has a habit of returning from the dead.

It was satisfying to see Barry dishing out a beating on Thawne after all he’s put Barry through. But Thawne may have succeeded in destroying Barry’s relationship with Iris. Iris doesn’t seem to want to give up on their relationship, but she needs to have Barry come clean and reveal any other secrets he’s keeping from her.

And Barry is still holding one big secret. One that he has promised not to reveal to Iris, because it’s not his secret to tell. That secret is about Iris’ other nephew – the original Wally West, who told Barry he wasn’t ready to face Iris yet.



This is a minor quibble, considering it’s likely a temporary change, but I don’t much like the new look that Barry’s new powers have given him. The Flash costume doesn’t quite seem right with black instead of yellow. That being said, it is an interesting effect to have the black visible when he’s using his powers, but the yellow when they are inactive.



Barry’s life is really in turmoil right now, but it makes for great reading. The Flash is easily one of the best books of the Rebirth line right now, and is always the book I read first on any week a new issue comes out.



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