[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Penciller: Bruno Redondo

Inker: Juan Albarran

Colors: Rex Lokus


There are three or four plot points that take place in this issue and the rest is fleshed out with some nice character work.  The issue opens with Jaime Reyes confronting Bruce Wayne at Ted Kord’s funeral and Bruce must calm him down without giving everything away.  The immediacy of the situation leads Ollie to convince Dinah to go ahead and get married…tomorrow!

The next day at Gotham Cathedral, Ollie and Dinah prepare to tie the knot, and predictably Bruce is called away on a “personal matter.”  At Wayne Manor, Damian and some others are exhuming Alfred’s body.  Damian is not happy with the way Bruce treated Alfred in his life and believes that a dip in the Lazarus Pit will be the right thing for Alfred.

Back at the wedding, a separate team of Ra’s’ operatives crash the wedding looking to kill and kidnap the children, Connor Queen etc….  They succeed, partially.  This leaves Ollie and Dinah bereft as the happiest day of their lives has turned into the worst.  Damian has also succeeded and takes Alfred’s corpse to a Lazarus Pit.


The best moment in the issue is Ted Grant and Dinah reconnecting.  Batman has tipped off Ted that Dinah is getting married and he comes to volunteer to walk her down the aisle.  It’s a touching moment that references the history these characters had in the post-Crisis Universe.  Ted was her teacher and friend.  They are both nervous and Ted suggests sparring to take the edge off!  Perfect.

The use of storytelling in an alternate universe makes this sort of interaction possible.  This is an excellent example of the strengths of the multiverse concept.  So often continuity takes precedence when story and character can be explored in interesting and moving ways when not confined to a single continuity.  More titles need to take advantage of the multiverse concept to explore a diversity of storytelling options.

When Jaime confronts Bruce at Ted’s funeral, it allows Jaime the opportunity to show his feelings for Ted, as well as Batman’s concern for Jaime’s well being.  Finally, Damian’s actions show just how twisted he has become, and even this plays well as father (Batman) must challenge son (Damian).



Ra’s’ plan for the children seems a bit out of place, but other than that, the issue is extremely strong.



Another great issue!  Despite the slow start, Injustice 2 is telling some great stories.  While the plot may be moving slowly, the benefit is some moving and important character work.  Even if you have no interest in the video game tie in aspect to the book, the character work is worth the investment!

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