Review: Gotham Academy: Second Semester #12 (FINAL ISSUE)

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Karl Kerschl, Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher

Artists: Adam Archer, Sandra Hope, MSASSYK




“The Ballad of Olive Silverlock” finale! It all comes down to this. With Olive poised to raze the city to the ground, Maps is determined to make one final crusade in the name of friendship. But life isn’t school, and if she fails…all of Gotham could pay the price! Don’t miss the final issue of this beloved series!


In this issue, Olive is fighting the demon, known as Amity. As it has hurt her friends already, she struggles to end this once and for all, as the stakes can involve all of Gotham. Her friends band together to help her out, as they have found a connection between Arkham Asylum, Wayne Manor and Gotham Academy. A fire breaks out on campus and Olive finds herself at the center of blame, so she feels she must save the school by herself. Soon thereafter, Olive and Amity fight among the blazes of the fire, and she struggles to take control of her physical body.

Olive’s friends soon find out that Amanda is to blame for all the chaos on campus. They wrestle away the grimoire from Amanda and her friends so they can break the spell the book has on Olive, which binds her to Calamity. In a last-ditch effort, her friends conduct a ritual to break the hold, and Maps fights to save Olive inside the fire. By the end of the issue these friends become closer because of what they have to go through, and what they found in each other is family.


Excellent ending to this arc, I have nothing bad to say, except that it should been a supersized issue, considering it was the last issue of the Second Semester story arc and of the series, for now, as this was definitely one of the best books DC has put out from an extended universe in a long time and it is certainly a shame that the company is ending the book.



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