[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Artists: Chad Hardin, Alex Sinclair & Corey Breen



Every once in a while, we like to surprise our friends with something nice. On a few extraordinary circumstances a surprise birthday party is in order. Well everyone got together to help Harley celebrate a full month and a half ahead of her birthday! Why? Because otherwise she would know about it!

Ivy, Catwoman, The gang of Harley’s, Sy & Zena, and many more show up to celebrate Harley’s 25th? 29th?…oh hold on, I’m getting a call….21st! It’s Harley’s 21st birthday! Now it wouldn’t be a real Harley party without snipers and a death squad right? A crack team of assassins has been hired to take her out and if it wasn’t for a game of Grope-In-The-Dark, she likely would be!

With a guest appearance from Power Girl, this issue is a wild ride topped off with Harley Loves Joker: Laugh Clown Laugh.


The whole concept of this special anniversary edition of Harley Quinn is fantastic. Having all of Harley’s friends included in this issue is fun and feels special. The events that transpire couldn’t be more sentimental in a twisted Harley Quinn way with death, bullets, and some murder. On the 17th page of the issue there is a truly terrifying illustration of Quinn’s face as she is pissed about the party crashers.

The art in this issue was particularly beautiful as it constantly showed complex and dense scenes, but in such a sleek way due to the way they led the eye. The artists do such a good job at leading the reader visually that it’s almost a shame that you will gloss over a lot of the intricate detail in each panel.



No negatives worth mentioning in this issue.



Harley Quinn’s anniversary edition is a wonderful culmination of the history of Quinn and gives the reader a view of her current life. This issue would be a fantastic jumping on point because it will give everyone a glimpse of her friends and allies.



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