[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Gene Luen Yang

Artists: Billy Tan, Karo, Hi-Fi



“Shanghai Under Seige” part two! With the lunatic, Superman Zero, brandishing the name Emperor Superman and taking control of Shanghai, Kong Kenan must step up and unite the Justice League of China. With the chaos in the city, Bat-Man, Wonder-Woman and the Flash of China are separated and lost. Kenan seeks guidance from Master I-Ching and sets off to unite the league. Soon they find that all of the super-villains in the Crab Shell prison have been released and are striking the city.

How will Kenan find his allies in the chaos ridden Shanghai? Will the Snake that was Wonder-Woman try to kill her former allies? And how will Shanghai survive with Emperor Superman at the helm!?


New Super-Man #14 has a surprising amount of character development. There are so many different times when the visual and written narratives support each other in subtle ways to help deliver a fantastic story. The subtle hints the characters drop each other and the reader about their intentions with posture is one of the best parts. Readers will notice Bat-Man, in particular, drops many of these hints and is very much working in the way the Dark Knight would.

Fans of the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited will appreciate the dynamic which blossoms between Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman in this issue.

The inclusion of the Suicide Squad was also a fun choice in cameo. It helps integrate Kenan into the greater scheme of the DC Universe and show that a lot more people are paying attention to the JLC.



Throughout the issue there are inconsistencies in the illustrations. The depictions of various characters faces varied and were, as I said, inconsistent at times. It is most noticeable in Kenan’s face and Deadshot’s mask.



This issue was a great read! Finally, the JLC comes together to tackle a large enemy and becomes stronger in the process.


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