Scott Snyder lets the world know who is Barbatos

Russ Burlingame of, recently did an interview with Scott Snyder, about the recently released Dark Nights: Metal, where the big bad villain for this event is not one too familiar to comic book fans, but somebody from a Batman story done by Peter Milligan. Snyder resurrected the character for the event and has plenty planned, as he revealed:

“One of my favorite stories is Dark Knight, Dark City by Peter Milligan,” Metal writer Scott Snyder told “It imagines that many years ago, in colonial times, a group of Gothamites try to summon a bat demon called Barbatos. The mystery in the present involves the Riddler, who runs Batman through a gauntlet of weird cases, all to secretly treat him with the substances and ritualistic materials needed to open a gateway to let Barbatos in again. In the end we’re left unsure whether Barbatos was a real force in Gotham’s history and in Batman’s own construction. Recently, Grant [Morrison] touched on this story with his creation of Dr. Hurt and the journey of the hyper-adapter… all things we’ll be building on in Metal to make Barbados a villain like nothing you’ve ever seen.”

In Dark Nights: Metal, evil versions of the Dark Knight are coming to terrorize Earth. Seven one-shot comics that tie into the event are on the horizon, each spotlighting a different, corrupted version of Batman spawned from the Dark Multiverse.

“I wanted to create something that would remind you of the kid joy you felt when you went to the comic shop and you picked up something that was your summer event, right?” Snyder said. “It’s stressful times, regardless of what side you’re on, regardless of your political beliefs, I think that right now, we are exhausted by the news every day and I wanted to make something that would be pretty earth-shaking in his consequences and have big effects and change the DCU in important ways and be in-continuity, but also felt like when you pick it up, it’s so immersive and crazy and reminds you of all the things you love about our characters, why they’re aspirational, and also introduces you to brand new concepts, brand new territories, brand new characters, all that stuff. That was the goal. So I wanted you to pick it up and be like ‘I am unleashing my inner rock god this summer and just going to the best rock-out concert I have ever gone to with the characters I love the most.”

As DC has a long history of pulling from its past, as Geoff Johns has done many times throughout the years. It only makes sense that Scott Snyder would decide to do the same exact thing, as he is taking exactly from what he liked about the series and the character.

Be sure to pick up Dark Nights: Metal, in shops now.