Michael Emerson’s Mystery Villain On Arrow Will Bring “Different Energy” To Season 6

by Brandon Richardson
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Hold on cause if you think the roller coaster is over, you are in for a surprise as with season six of Arrow coming up we have gotten a glimpse at what Michael Emerson is doing on the set!

You might recognize him from some of his other roles on tv shows & movies such as Person of Interest,  Lost, or from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2.  This year though, at San Diego Comic Con, we were told of his mysterious villain role on the show and how he will get to join the ranks of others like Ricardo Diaz (played by Kirk Acevedo). So with Emerson on board and how crazy they wrapped up season five with Lian Yu, we can expect things to get worse for Oliver as things get less magical and more to the show’s origins.

However, in an interview with TV Line, Wendy Mericle had this to say about Emerson’s approach to acting as well as a sneak peek at what we can expect from Emerson’s mysterious character:

He is a dream to work with, and I think he’s doing an amazing job. We’ve seen some dailies of some of his episodes and he’s just fantastic. He’s a really understated, subtle actor, and that brings a different energy on set. It’s great….This character that we’re having [Michael] play is somewhat similar to people he has played in the past. But we had many conversations with him about how to make it different, and what elements we could bring to the character to change it up.

Then to top it off we get to see the return of Deathstroke and Felicity’s involvement in Helix. So this season is definitely not going to be a walk on the beach for Arrow or his team. If you are dying to see it then mark your calendars for Thursday October 12th because Arrow Season 6 comes back at 9pm Central on The CW.

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