Review: Bombshells United #1

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artists: Rachel Dodson and Terry Dodson


The Bombshells are back in an all-new series! As our new tale begins, the year is 1943, and Wonder Woman is called to Arizona for help by two young girls named Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy!


The girls’ friends and families are being displaced from their homes and forced into internment camps! To save them, can Wonder Woman fight against the same people she once fought alongside?



We catch up with Wonder Woman, as she reminisces about what happened in Russia, as Executive Order 9066 is issued by the President. The same order which sent thousands of Japanese American citizens into internment camps. Donna Troy just so happens to be on one of those trains heading to a camp in Arizona and Wonder Woman is at odds with the morals of the President. Cassie Sandsmark intervenes and free all the detainees, just as planned.


Wonder Woman and Dawnstar intervene to help the two ladies, as Wonder Woman flies in via giant eagles, thanks to Dawnstar. A philosophical conversation between Donna and Cassie Sandsmark, highlight some of our own political differences on what is considered an immigrant. By the end of the issue, we find out Wonder Woman suffers from PTSD, and Clayface looks to take advantage of that.


This comic is probably the most political that Bennett has even written these characters, and this is definitely a great thing, as the subjects tackled in this comic are difficult and need to be explored and they are definitely done masterfully in Bennett’s hands. 



This may sound like a broken record, but I truly wished these issues were longer, as Bennett has an excellent handle on these characters and story crafting in this time period.




Buy, as this series already upends the last.


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