Maisie Richardson Sellers Talks About DC Legend of Tomorrow’s “New” Feel

by Joseph Marcas
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The CW’s DC Legends of Tomorrow will be premiering their new season very soon this upcoming fall with Maisie Richardson Sellers returning to the role of Vixen. In a recent interview with Bleeding Cool News, Richardson-Sellers discussed how the new season of LofT feels “like a new show”.

Richardson-Sellers comments are no surprise since most new television seasons begin featuring all-new story arcs, brand new villains and new characters along the way. Sellers herself joined the cast in season 2 of the show as Vixen, a member of the Justice Society of America from the 1950’s who has the mystical power to summon different skills and strengths from the animal kingdom.

The time travel nature of the show allows for many possibilities in terms of story and characters that can appear. Sellers had this to say about the show’s upcoming season:

We go to some really fun time periods and see some really cool historical figures and characters from folklore and world renown from our history. And we’ve got a team of new supervillains that are really exciting. The playful edginess gets amplified, it’s fun and silly but there are also some very emotional moments. And having Zari join the team as a superhero from the future adds a new fresh spin on everything. It feels so fresh, almost like a new show. The same way season two felt like a new show from season one. I’m excited to see how that translates to the screen.

Sellers will have a lot to look forward to this upcoming season since the new season may feature her version of Vixen meeting with her granddaughter’s version of the character in the future. Fans of the show will note that the rules of time travel on the show forbid the characters from meeting up with different versions of their characters or family but that isn’t always the case.

Not only will JSA Vixen get a chance to meet her granddaughter Amaya Jiwe (played by Meganlyn Echikunwoke) but she will also have to contend with Amaya’s sister, Kuasa (played by Tracy Ifeachor), a villain that is seeking the power of the totem that grants Vixen her powers. This story line will be very interesting to fans as the show starts up again soon. Keep in mind that this only one of the many stories viewers of the show can expect once the brand new episodes start again.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres October 10th.


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