Will Season 3 Of Legends Of Tomorrow Be Like Beverly Hills Cop?

by Brad Filicky
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Of all the Arrowverse shows, Legends of Tomorrow always felt the most comic-book-y. Crazy off the wall plots and writers who weren’t afraid to explore the fun and endless possibility that a show centered on time travel can offer. According to showrunner Marc Guggenheim, the tone of the new season will just get crazier for season 3.

“The approach was to take everything that worked last year and double down, go further, make it zanier. Last year we lived maybe five inches from the Jump the Shark line. Now we’re two inches in front of it.”

Considering that last season ended with dinosaurs and the season had an attempted assassination of George Washington, God only knows what they have in store for us. We do know that Damien Dark is back and that the Legends will be time vigilantes trying to outrun Rip Hunter and his Time Bureau. Or, to hear Marc tell it:

“If [the Time Bureau] is the Beverly Hills police department, our characters are Axel Foley.”

Find out where this all leads when Legends of Tomorrow returns Oct 10.

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