Review: Dark Nights: Metal #2

by Cameron Tevis
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Scott Snyder

Pencils: Greg Capullo



Batman has stolen what many believe is the most dangerous weapon in the universe. The Justice League knows Batman is in trouble and are searching everywhere for him, unfortunately for them, he doesn’t want to be found and has the entire bat-family helping to throw the League off his trail.

Meanwhile, Batman makes it to his destination, the Tomb of Prince Khufu. There, Batman encounters Dream, who gives him a message. Superman and Wonder Woman arrive just in time to see Batman get some answers from an unexpected source. The trinity quickly learns that Batman fell right into an enemy trap and has inadvertently opened a doorway to another universe.

Metal Variant Cover - DC Comics News

Metal 2 - Page 1 - DC Comics News


This issue has so many great things going on in it, and just like the last issue it is ripe with cameos from characters across the DC Universe.

Snyder’s writing is top notch. Both fun and compelling at once, staying focused on the storyline, but also playing with the many characters in the DCU. Capullo’s artwork compliments the story very well. His dynamic line work and distinct style gives energy to a fast paced issue.

Snyder shows us how far back into his New 52 run of Batman he had been dropping hints to this storyline, which makes this that much better. It gives real depth to the story.

I love Batman, but personally, I have felt a bit of bat-fatigue over the years. He is always depicted as being prepared for anything: flawless. But it was refreshing that in this issue we see a Batman that falls right into a trap and is completely caught off guard.

The best thing about this issue to me is that it reminds audiences that Batman and Superman are best friends; they know each other very well. At times fans argue over who is better as if they are rivals and the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice put in people’s minds that these two don’t necessarily get along. But in actuality these two are best friends, and to an extent they are even family and this issue drives that home when Superman is searching for Batman.

Metal 2 - Page 2 - DC Comics News

Metal 2 - Page 3 - DC Comics News


Batmanium is a bit cheesy of a name, but works for the story. Reminds me of Unobtainium in Avatar.

But the only negative I have, in terms of story, won’t even be a negative (I’m guessing) by the end of the series. Each time Snyder throws in a cameo, I want to know more about why that character was chosen. In this case, Dream has such a small role but it’s obvious, by his message, he will play a significant role by the end. So, the only negative is actually what makes Scott Snyder such a great writer: he makes me want to buy the next issue right now.

Metal 2 - Page 5 - DC Comics NewsMetal 2 - Page 4 - DC Comics News


This series is delivering on the promise to be the comic event of the summer! The size and scope of the story grows with every issue. Questions are finally answered in this issue, but even more are asked. The fast pace works well and I can’t wait to see where it all goes.


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