[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Rob Williams

Artists: V Ken Marion, Ray McCarthy, Dinei Ribeiro



Dark Destiny Part Two picks up right were we left on at the end of Trinity #12. The demonically possessed Outlaws are on the attack and prepared to match the Trinity in ferociousness. Pair well with Red Hood against Batman, Artemis with Wonder Woman, and of course Bizarro going toe to crooked toe with Superman.

The issue opens with Batman’s thoughts on the luck of Superman having such a good upbringing which flows into the next page with Bizarro’s now bloody and twisted demonic face flying into the city. Superman is seen behind him with  firm and angered face, but he is under control never loosing his cool. The other Outsiders have spread out to better take down their opponents but with Bizarro out of the way it doesn’t take long for Wonder Woman to put down Artemis and then for Superman to help Batman in a pinch against the possessed Red Hood.

Across the planet the wise cracking, possibly drunk, and very clever John Constantine has tracked down Circe and Ra’s to the Pandora Pits. He was sent to scout out their power and if possible end them. Instead he puts himself in the middle of the action and has the horrible run in with Ra’s’ knife.

What horrible plan does Circe and Ra’s have for Constantine and the Trinity? And how does the captured Deadman play into it?



The theme of nurturing in this issue is great and plays perfectly into the previous issues of the series. There is a great comparison made between the luck of Superman’s humble and hardworking up bringing to that of Jason Todd’s rough start to life, and frankly rough life with Batman. Of course his death plays into it as well, being brought of by the possessed Jason. If you pull the idea apart and apply it more broadly it also echoes the differences which make the Trinity and Dark Trinity fundamentally different.

The art of V Ken Marion in this issue is fantastic and really makes the Trinity look archetypal as only they could. Superman is sporting his short jet black hair with the iconic lock resting on his forehead. His eyes are also drawn very thin, almost reminiscent of Bruce Timm’s Superman. Wonder Woman looks fierce and strong with a thick mane of hair almost out of the 80’s. She will remind readers of Lucy Lawless from Xena with strong and beauty. Finally Batman, he looks much more the part of a detective and ninja then some towering herculean hero of muscle. His cowl has long pointed ears to match the blades of his gauntlets and sharpness of his boots.

This distinctness in art even runs into the other characters, especially in Constantine. His face almost looks as though it were drawn with a different set of rules giving him an 80’s punk look inspired by Billy Idol.



There are no negatives worth mentioning in this issue.



Trinity #13 was a fantastic and fun read. It was paced well, filled with beautiful art, and the ending will have readers excited to pick up #14.



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