‘Flashpoint’ Script Turned In to Warner Bros., Director Meetings Still Ongoing

by Reigh Carlo
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At this past year’s San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros. announced their lineup of films for the DC Extended Universe including the reveal that the Flash standalone film which will be entitled Flashpoint. Also, earlier this year, writer Joby Harold (King Arthur Legend of the Sword) was given the task of working on a page-one rewrite of the script and after nine months, it seems that the script is finally going to be turned in for the heads of Warner Bros. to see.

On Twitter, Variety reporter Justin Kroll shared the information that Harold’s Flashpoint script is going to be turned in to WB. In addition, Robert Zemeckis is still being considered to direct the film but notes that Warner Bros. is meeting with other directors and is in no hurry to make any announcements as of this moment.

Hopefully, as days go by, we will hear more great news about the film’s development. During this month, the studio confirms that Gal Gadot will reprise her role as the Amazonian Princess in Flashpoint.

The Flash will have his full blown cinematic debut this November 17 as he joins other Leaguers in Justice League.

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