Chris McKay Updates Fans On ‘Nightwing’ Movie Casting

Fans have been highly anticipating Chris McKay’s Nightwing film. The movie will give fans a look into the not yet explored parts of Dick Grayson’s life. One very exciting fact is that we have yet to see Nightwing in a live action film.

One actor will be able to bring this character to life. It is a huge decision and thats why Chris McKay is taking some time to find the perfect actor for the position. He went on twitter to say:


You’re probably thinking of a certain actor that you want to be Nightwing. Some sites have already come up with a few people that might play the part. Yet Chris McKay is taking his time trying to find the right man for the job. He is doing a wide search for the desired actor. He also wants to wow the audience with his upcoming project.

The director admitted to wanting to make the movie so technically impressive, that it will spur the Academy Awards to make a category for “Best Stuntwork”. Well after hearing that, I’m sure it will take a while to find a certain actor to fit his expectations. Comment on who you think should be cast as Nightwing.