Lady Eve Cast In ‘Black Lightning’ Series

by Shean Mohammed
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The upcoming television series, Black Lightning, has dropped a few hints over the last couple of months of where the show is headed and which characters will be showing up in the series. It has now been confirmed that Grammy award winning singer, Jill Scott, has been cast as Lady Eve, who will serve as the liaison between Tobias Whale and a secret group of leaders, which is a departure from the character’s origin of being a ranking member of the infamous Kobra Cult, who used mind control for their own ill gotten gains.

Genre fans will recognize her voice, as she was cast as the voice of Storm in the short lived Black Panther TV series. Salim Akil, one of the showrunners, alongside his wife, Mara Brock Akil, spoke recently in an interview about casting Scott in the role of Lady Eve:

Jill is an amazing artist who can embody any character and give them an authentic voice that is both nuanced and richly complex. I am excited to see her in the role of Lady Eve

Although we will not be able to see the series for a few months, this bit of casting news proves that the showrunners are looking for the best to fill out their cast.

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