The Speed Force may not be big enough for all of our Scarlet Speedsters when Barry Allen prepares to match pace with his protege Wally West in DC Comics New Age of Heroes!

The DC Comics multiverse has been plunged into the “Dark Ages” with the advent of the recent Metal story arc, several revelations have been suggested, and one more fast-moving premonition was inserted into the impending melee. During a recent panel at New York City Comic-Con The Flash scribe Joshua Williamson who has contributed to the Metal epic crossover introducing the Dark Universe counterpart Batman: The Red Death also challenged the NYCC audience to chime in on who was their favorite “Flash”.

At the panel which was focused on DC’s Metal & New Age of Heroes Williamson asked the crowd: “Let’s see who’s the best Flash: Is it Barry, or is it Wally?” The audience was honestly split down the middle; both Scarlet Speedsters have carved out a legacy that have singular reignited the importance of The Flash character in the mainstream DC Comics universe. From the moment Barry Allen experienced a “Rebirth” to becoming the catalyst of the “Flashpoint” event, it has come full-circle with Wally West making a much beloved return in the recent DC Universe: Rebirth #1.

In 2018, as the dust from the Dark Universe invasion begins to settle, Williamson revealed a “Flash War” will be spinning out of Metal and establish the “New Age of Heroes” in the DC Comics universe. The January Annual of The Flash will be a prelude to the impending race which will lead into The Flash #46 formally igniting the “Flash War”. A cover was unveiled that gave fans a glimpse of Wally West in his current costume he’s adopted since returning in “Rebirth” holding his classic Kid Flash suit in one hand, and in the other his pre-Flashpoint Flash suit.

While Wally is still struggling with his place in the current continuity, reintegrating into the Titans and Barry still working on solving the mystery around “the button” that turned up in Batcave and lead both he and the Caped Crusader on a chase through the Speed Force that ended them both up in the Flashpoint alternate universe; if it wasn’t for the Golden Age’s Crimson Comet Jay Garrick (another Flash lost in time), it’s apparent that the clock is ticking toward a climax that will undoubtedly have a profound affect on the Flash Family!

The “Flash War” launches in 2018 and will begin with The Flash #46.

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