Review: Bombshells United #3

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artists: Rachel Dodson and Terry Dodson



Battles are lost and battles are won, but the war continues into 1943. Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy don the uniforms of the Wonder Girls to protect the American home front.



In this story, Clayface is more menacing than in any other plot I have seen him in. Another great thing about this series is how they take all these familiar characters and put them in a different setting which apparently affects their morals and allegiances. As with Wonder Woman, who spared a slew of Nazis, if they promised to help those whom they oppressed. Another great thing about this book is how it brings in characters like Cassie Sandsmark and Baroness Paula Von Gunther, which work very well within this era.



The change in artistic style is a little jarring, although I found the seconds style more appealing.




Buy if you love Darwyn Cooke’s Justice League: The New Frontier, as it’s a nice blast to the past.


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