Raven Goes Solo In ‘Daughter Of Darkness’

by Brad Filicky
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Raven will star in her own 12-issue maxiseries this January. The story will be written by Marv Wolfman and will be a continuation of his 2016 miniseres Raven. Wolfman had this to say:

“In Raven: Daughter of Darkness, Rachel will face another frightening supernatural threat, only this time, it’s one that’s very much grounded in reality. At the same time, she’ll also be dealing with some drama in her personal life as her mother returns and mixes things up with her Aunt Alice. It’s going to get messy, guys. And when things get messy around Raven, giant frightening death demons tend to get unleashed in our world.”

Rounding out the creative team will be Pop Mhan on pencils with a cover by Yanick Paquette and a variant cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. If that’s not enough the series will also see the return of  Baron Winters of the Night Force! Be sure to pick up the first issue when it hits the stands Jan. 10!

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