Review: Super Sons #9

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artists: Jorge Jimenze & Carmine Di Jiandomenico



In the final climactic issue of the “Planet of the Capes” arc, Robin and Superboy face off against Ygarddis, the planet eating biomass. With a whole planet against them, Superboy finds a way to reinvigorate his allies. Along the way they find the original Kraklow. Thankfully, Superboy stops Robin from beating the wizard to a pulp in time for Hardline and Bigshot to get him on their side.

As the fighting commences the wizard opens a portal to gain power, seemingly, but turns to the dynamic duo and attempts to throw them back into their original time. Soon the heroines join the cause and shove Robin and Superboy back to our world, ensuring them that all is well and right.



This issue touches on the concept of originality and memory. Do our memories and thoughts make us who we are? What if those memories are false? Or are our actions more important? There are many great arguments for all of them and with any luck this idea will spark interest in readers to reflect and debate with each other.

This issue finished a very straightforward and simple story that is written perfectly. Tomasi hasn’t put too much weight into the scenarios or writing making it feel unnecessarily heavy.


With the conclusion of this arc, our world is down two heroes that would have made exceptions additions to it, Hardline and Big Shot. While not unexpected, having the two young woman join Robin and Superboy to return and perhaps join the Teen Titans or some other group feels like a missed opportunity. As it stands the great characters are likely to become obscure and unseen in the wider DC canon. Much like how Robin feels about doing dishes, it can be accepted, but you still don’t want to do it.



Tomasi has finished a great arc of team building and realization for Robin and Superboy. It is as genuine and light as Jon and yet can be thought provoking and complex like Robin.

Konrad Secord-Reitz

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