Flying Graysons To Make Appearance On Titans TV Show

The upcoming Titans TV show already seems to be one of the more faithful adaptations that DC Entertainment has undertaken. The recent castings of Ryan Potter for Beast Boy and Anna Diop for Starfire, prove that the showrunners are not only committed to diversity, but also to making this show different than the rest of the genre shows that are currently airing.

A justifiable expectation for any fans whose source material is being realized on screen is how close is it to the original, and with this recent bit of news it sounds like it’s going to be pretty dead-on. An audition tape of actor Tim Campbell surfaced online this week, trying out for the role of Ben Crossland, father of John Crossland who is Dick Grayson’s alias in earlier Titans character descriptions. The scene being played shows a father speaking to his wife and child about a superstition before making a “big entrance”.

Fans have seen several different iterations of Dick Grayson’s past, specifically the scene of his parents’ death, in Batman Forever and Batman: The Animated Series. It remains to be seen how different this portrayal will be, but one can only believe from their commitment that it will be more than just the one scene. The clip has since been made private, however the transcript for the scene is below:


Wife – John, Come away from there.

John Crossland – But Mom you won’t believe how many people are out there!

Wife – But if they see you now it will ruin our big entrance

Ben Crossland – And it’s bad luck

John Crossland – You’re making that up

Ben Crossland – No, it is. It’s like a groom isn’t suppose to see his bride the night before the ceremony.

Wife – Don’t listen to him John. There isn’t any bad luck here tonight.

Ben Crossland – You ready to make some noise?

John Crossland – You bet!

Wife – Because you know what they say..

Ben Crossland – …a family that sings together…

John Crossland – Stays together!


Production on the series will begin November 14th in Toronto for a 2018 release.