Mark Strong In Talks To Play Dr. Sivana In ‘Shazam!’

In the recent roundup of casting news, Mark Strong of the recently released The Kingsmen franchise fame, is in early talks to play Doctor Sivana, the main villain of the upcoming Shazam movie.

In Shazam’s canon, the best comparison, one can make, is that he is Shazam’s Joker. In the latest incarnation within the New 52, that Shazam! is supposed to be based upon, Sivana is portrayed as an esteemed genius desperate to save his family from an mysterious quandary. As he finds no answers in science, he turns to magic and discovers the catacomb of Black Adam; as a side effect of his contact with his crypt, he can actually see magic.

Strong is no stranger to genre films, as his turn as Sinestro in the much derided 2011 motion picture Green Lantern still stands one of the film’s few bright spots.