‘The Flash’ Showrunners Already Know Season 5 Story

by Kimberly Melchor
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We may still be in season 4, but the series’ showrunners are already several steps ahead and they know whats going to happen next to The Flash. It feels like a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks since the show has been back. Here is a little recap: Barry has come back from the Speed Force, and his wedding with Iris is back on. Cisco’s love life is coming together, and of course the usual bad guys.

The people behind the popular DC show have already started laying the foundation for season 5.  Kevin Smith has become a frequent collaborator to the show, directing two episodes so far, and he recently posted a picture of himself with Grant Gustin. He revealed that executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, has just let him in on whats next for season 5. Check out the tweet below:

No official order has been placed for season 5, though the fans enjoy the show and ratings are steady. The show is a pivotal part of a bigger superhero TV universe, making it less susceptible to cancellation, so it is understandable that the story group already has a general idea in mind moving forward. You will probably see hints about whats coming next in latter episodes of the show.

I hope you guys are enjoying season 4 so far and be sure to catch new episodes of The Flash every Tuesday on The CW.

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