‘Justice League’ Garners Positive Social Media Reactions

by Joshua Raynor
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The social media embargo for the upcoming Justice League film has officially been lifted, and the reactions are overwhelmingly positive!

Many people were skeptical after learning that the full review embargo wouldn’t lift until a couple days before the film, but then yesterday it was announced that the social media embargo would lift today at 9am PST.  This news actually helped bolster some positivity and quieted some of the fan dissent.

Several members of the press and the professional blogging community were treated to a private screening of the film, and now they’ve finally been able to open up a bit about what they saw.  It seems that the overall reactions to the film are that it’s a fun film with heart, and the actual Leaguers are portrayed very well.  There are apparently some flaws though, including a thin story (most likely due to the WB mandated 2 hour runtime), and a weak, CGI-heavy villain.

But even with the flaws, it seems the film is still very enjoyable, and is a great step forward for DC’s film universe.

Check out some of the reactions below, and be sure to see Justice League when it hits theaters on November 17th.



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