“Gotham By Gaslight” Officially Rated R!

Following the footage released this previous September in the special features section of Batman and Harley Quinn, Warner Bros. has released both the latest trailer of Batman: Gotham By Gaslight and its designated rating — Rated R!!

Voice cast includes Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Young Justice) as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) as Selina Kyle, and Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Adventures of Merlin) as Alfred Pennyworth.

Based on the 1989 Elseworlds graphic novel, the Batman News review offers this description:

Originally published in 1989, Gotham by Gaslight tells the “What if” story of a 19th century Caped Crusader who comes face to face with the Butcher of Whitechapel. It’s Batman vs. Jack the Ripper written by Brian Augustyn and illustrated by none other than the creator of Hellboy, Mike Mignola.

No official release date has been confirmed.



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