Review: Harley Quinn #31

Review: Harley Quinn #31

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner

Artists: John Timms, Hi-Fi

Covers: Amanda Conner, Alex Sinclair, Frank Cho, Sabine Rich



Harley and the gang try and rescue Mason from the mayor.

Review: Harley Quinn #31


This issue has all the best elements of a fantastic story. Heart, love, humor, action and suspense. What else would you expect from Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner?

After reading and reviewing Suicide Squad for so long, it’s refreshing to read a series that gets the complexity of Harley Quinn. Yes she’s a villain, but she’s the good kind of villain. The kind who breaks the rules to help others, and although may take things a bit to far at times, does so with the best of intentions.

Harley, simply put, is not your typical hero. She’s still crazy, but will stop at nothing to become mayor and stop the corruption in City Hall. She loves, she fights, she’s rude, and she cares. It’s her craziness and zaniness that just make her so much more endearing.

What I loved about this particular issue is that we get an issue that shows so much heart, but with incredibly horrible consequences. It gets dark pretty quickly.

Harley’s heart and humor really show in this issue. Her conversation with Sinn was so sweet and genuine, and was such a great thing to see. Her jokes and all the sexual references are just plain funny, and make reading this issue just that much better.

One thing I really noticed is how much story and dialogue Connor and Palmiotti give us in their books. I don’t know of any other modern comic book that gives us so much to read in a given issue. It really progresses the story quickly from issue to issue, and you really feel that your getting your money’s worth.

The art in this issue was fantastic. It wasn’t the best art I’ve ever seen, but complimented the story very well with beautiful lines and colors. The last page of the issue was definitely the best.

Review: Harley Quinn #31


No real negatives to mention.

Review: Harley Quinn #31


A fun and enjoyable book to read. Harley shows incredible character, and the amount of story in this issue makes it definitely worth it.

Danny Saab

Writer and producer of DC fan films Girl of Steel and Batgirl Rises. Started reading monthly comics 5 years ago and never looked back. Sheer and absolute allegiance to the greatest hero that ever lived, Supergirl.