Wonder Woman 2 Goes On Without Ratner

by Brandon Richardson
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If you haven’t heard, Brett Ratner has been accused of some pretty heavy accusations that has been stirring up a whirl wind of discussions about Wonder Woman 2 and if Gal Gadot would even come back on as Wonder Woman if he remained. The fact that he is no longer planned to be in the sequel is proof enough that Warner Brother’s is not willing to give up or allow that kind of behavior to continue.  The director/co-writer Patty Jenkins as well as Gal Gadot on Entertainment Tonight made some statements that did everything but stating what all happened but that a choice was made to remove Ratner from Wonder Woman 2.  Gadot had this to say though,

“There’s been a lot written about how I feel and my views and this topic…Everyone knows how I feel about it. The truth is, there are so many people involved in this movie, and they all have echoed the same sentiment.”

Although Jenkins goes on to say that basically the conclusion to remove Ratner was made before Gal Gadot made any official statements in addition to the fact that the decision was a “foregone decision”. So with Ratner out of the movie we can move forward with the filming and get down to some kick-butt action! What kind of impact of him being kicked off the project has yet to be seen since is the principle for Rat-Pack-Dune Entertainment; an entertainment company that has helped fund some of DC’s recent films.  Time will tell I guess. However, the sequel is set to come out November 1, 2019! So set your reminders for next year for what promises to be a great sequel with Jenkins back at the reins with Gadot staring!

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