More New Characters announced Coming to INJUSTICE 2

by JC Alvarez
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Among them a “legend” and a “suicidal” magic-wielder, but most notably fans will be treated to a quartet of heroes on the half-shell that make their debut in the next Fighter Pack for INJUSTICE 2 

The gaming arena has just started to open up and for fans of the wildly popular hand-to-hand combat experience continuing in Injustice 2 a string of all new players enter the battle field. The series continues where the last version of the story left off. In Injustice: Gods Among Us Batman’s forces are holding the line against the mounting threat of super-villains, even as the supporters of Superman’s regime work to restore their own brand of order.

Every major location of the DC Comics Universe is represented within the gaming environment and players can pick from reinterpretations of their favorite classic heroes like Superman and Batman, or personalize each character turning Supergirl into an every-ready solar-powered combatant ready to take on dangerous adversaries like Gorilla Grodd, Atroticus or Deadshot — many introduced into the gaming scenarios for the first time.

Created by NetherRealm Studios for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment Injustice 2 enhances the platform by introducing some very interesting and surprising playable pairings with every Fighter Pack release. The latest is the third and introduces The Atom in a modernized tech suit that is reminiscent of the one used by his CW TV “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” counterpart. Check him out in all his sizing-changing glory in the new trailer.


Among the new recruits on the dark side, the unpredictably powerful Enchantress from the Suicide Squad proves a powerful opponent, but is she up to taking on the comic world’s most bad-ass martial artist when Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles join the fray? Gamers can now choose from any one of the famous quartet to take on an aggressive stance on the battlefield of Injustice 2.

Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 3 is available now and is compatible with most gaming systems including PlayStation 4, Xbox One X and Xbox One.

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