WB Games Looking for New Blood For DC Video Game

by Jay
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WB Games Montreal – the company responsible for the 2013 Batman: Arkham Origins and the Wii U Port of Batman: Arkham City– is looking for a technical director for another DC-related project that has been two years in the making.

According to its post on Facebook, WB Games Montreal requires a technical director to lead its programming team, who would also be responsible for “expanding the DC universe in the interactive space.” Given their past history with, it is possible to assume this game is the next chapter in the Batman: Arkham series.

However, given expansion is the focus, there is also the possibility of them developing a game for a different DC Comics superhero. A new Superman game has been in the rumor mill for years, albeit usually associated with Rocksteady. Still, there exists a third possibility of this being the mystery project by WB Games Montreal, which frees Rocksteady itself up to produce the next Batman: Arkham platform.

Whatever the case, the mystery video game project has yet to be attached to any consoles.


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