WONDER WOMAN Director on Short List of TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year”

by JC Alvarez
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Filmmaker Patty Jenkins makes the short list of candidates for one of media’s biggest honors of the year, and puts a certain North Korean dictator and embattled US president on high alert!

Regardless of whether you subscribe to the “Fake News” proliferating out of the Capital these days or not, one thing is certain — it’s been a banner year for Wonder Woman! The Amazing Amazon and DC Comics icon has trail-blazed a path in popular culture for more than 75 years, and this past year she shattered the glass ceiling of expectations with a blockbuster hit feature-length film that was a critical and commercial success!

At the helm of that theatrical release was director Patty Jenkins who had already left an indelible impression on Hollywood with her biopic Monster which garnered its star Charlize Theron a win at the Academy Awards. With Warner Bros. Studios on a fast track to bring Wonder Woman to the local multiplex, the film went into pre-production with another director before Jenkins assumed the reigns and brought Gal Gadot and Chris Pine home to Paradise Island.

Wonder Woman proved a superior successor to the cinematic DC Extended Universe and increased anticipation for the recently released Justice League. The studio had such great faith in Jenkins’ vision and direction that they’ve already announced the sequel’s release date and handed the custodial keys over to the director, who will become the highest paid female director in Hollywood — and she’s earned it!

Among the more recent accolades that have been bestowed upon Patty Jenkins is the recent announcement that she has made the Top 10 List of TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year”! She joins an eclectic mix of pop-culture luminaries and controversial world figures including North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, former NFL football player and activist Colin Kaepernick, and the much-maligned President of the United States Donald Trump, who has “declined” the honor.

Fortunately, at least for Trump, who may have taken himself out of the running (as he faces more scrutiny from FBI Director Robert Mueller, who is also on the list), he’s relieved the pressure of losing to Jenkins, who has also emerged as an outspoken feminist and a voice for the current Women’s Movement, and with her powerful friends, there is no room for inappropriate behavior that would no doubt lead to a smackdown of epic proportions!

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