Review: Green Arrow #35

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Juan Ferreyra



Oliver and Moira investigate the sunken Inferno.



The cover by Juan Ferreyra is really cool. Oliver being circled by sharks is a fun image and it’s drawn really well.

The interior art, also by Ferreyra, is gorgeous. He has a lot of fun with the underwater location. There are some wonderful colors and the characters look great.

I love representing the ocean as a version of hell. That’s an interesting idea on its own but it really works in an Oliver Queen story. The cold and black water as opposed to crimson fire is a solid idea.

I love the small scene with Emiko. I like that she’s genuinely trying to help Wendy much more so than we typically see. With superhero stories, the civilian is rescued and that’s the end of it. I like that Benjamin Percy is showcasing the PTSD someone would have in this situation and I like that a superhero like Emi is taking up so much time to help her.



The issue doesn’t really grab me for the most part. I’m not that invested in Moira yet and not enough of interest happens for my taste. I was bored reading a lot of the issue.



This is an okay issue. The art is gorgeous and the issue is worth reading for Ferreyra’s work; it’s stunning. There are some interesting ideas and themes that work for me. And there are some small character beats that are exceptional. But the issue doesn’t hold my attention and I’m still waiting for the Moira story to grab me in some way.


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