Review: Batman #36

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Clay Mann



As news of Batman and Catwoman’s engagement rings out across the superhero community there’s one conversation that’s yet to be had–the one between Bruce and Clark!


This issue was pretty funny in some moments throughout this book. With the news of Bruce and Selina’s engagement it seems that Bruce hasn’t called Clark with the news–although Clark already knows. Lois is trying to convince Clark to call and congratulate while Selina is trying to convince Bruce to just call and tell him the good news. Both men are stubborn in not calling the other, working their own separate cases while making excuses as to why they’re both too busy to call the other. As the story moves forward you see the reasons for the apprehension however and it’s quite funny.


I have no complaints about this issue. King does a wonderful job of showing the differences, yet similarities between Clark and Bruce. Both are men of sheer will and power in their own ways, and instead of using that power or ability for evil, they use it to instill hope and inspire others. Bruce tells Selina that people look up to Superman, while Clark tells Lois that people want to be Batman, and I think that sums up the influences that these two have perfectly.


Batman #36 was a great read. As the world slowly finds out about Batman and Catwoman’s engagement, I wonder what the rest of the League has to say about Batman settling down? I’m also wondering what this means for Batman’s enemies as well, as Batman’s primary concern was always someone he loved being a target. I’m looking forward to seeing where King takes us next with the story of Bruce and Selina in this series.


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