Review: Cyborg #19

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Kevin Grevioux

Artist: Cliff Richards



Thanks to the power of a mysterious horn, Cyborg has been transformed back into a full human! However a wish from the horn has dangerous consequences! Will Victor remain a human for good, or will he find a way to return to Cyborg once and for all?


I really appreciate Kevin for taking Cyborg out of his element in this issue. For the last few issues we’ve seen Cyborg fight viruses, digital beings, powerful supercomputers and pretty much anything technological. However here Kevin drops Cyborg in the heart of Africa where he and Sarah are researching mysterious, but valuable meteors that fell overnight. When child soldiers led by a twisted African general enter the scene, Cyborg defeats the would be thieves, leaving behind a mysterious horn. Once Victor unknowingly makes the wish, he’s overjoyed that he’s fully human–for now anyways.


There was nothing wrong with the story of this book, I enjoyed the action of it all, especially with Victor being back human again. Remember that a wish from the horn has consequences and although Victor is back human again, the consequences show later on. He’s slowly catching a fever, and the heat of the African jungle isn’t making it any better. I enjoy seeing heroes out of familiar surroundings because it makes their struggle more intense and ultimately their overall story better and Kevin does a wonderful job of doing that here.


Overall I enjoyed Cyborg #19. Kevin took Cyborg a placed him on unfamiliar territory without his powers and he’s making him survive. I’m enjoying seeing Victor struggle without his powers actually. Ultimately I hope he comes out of this experience appreciating truly what he can do. Issue after issue Victor complains about how much he wants to be human again, and now that he has the struggles of a human I wonder if he’ll appreciate his powers more–if he even gets them back at all.


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