Limited Edition Batman Poster Released

by Cameron Tevis
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Don’t know what special piece of Batman memorabilia to get that Batman enthusiast in your life for the Holidays? Look no further than the latest release from Quantum Mechanix.

For $49.95 you can get a limited poster, illustrated by British artist Doaly. This poster is titled Batman Born of Blood and shows a beautiful, but somewhat graphic depiction of the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne with Batman ascending from their blood.

Batman Born of Blood - DC Comics News

The official description of the piece is:

“Batman soars over a crimson pool of his parents’ blood, his mother’s pearls scattered by a murderous mugger in this limited-edition lithograph of the Dark Knight’s tragic origin story.This Master Series Fine Art Print from QMx is printed on museum-grade, metallic card stock and embossed with the QMx logo for authenticity. QMx is proud to offer Born of Blood, a hand-drawn design featuring DC Comics’ Batman from British artist Doaly.”

If you’re wondering why a poster can have such high price tag, it’s due to the fact this piece will have a limited run of only 500 copies.

You can purchase your copy here:

24 in wide x 36 in high

98-lb, metallic cover stock

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