Zack Snyder Still Set To Produce Future DC Films

It’s been reported that even though Warner Bros. has no plans for Zack Snyder to direct any more of their DC-related properties, he is still set to produce future films.  Snyder helped produce the upcoming Aquaman film being directed by James Wan, and Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman sequel.

It is unclear, however, how long Snyder will remain on as producer and if he will have a role in developing the story for Justice League 2, should the sequel move forward.

Snyder notably co-wrote the story for Jenkins’ record-breaking 2017 film, Wonder Woman, while also laying the groundwork for Wan’s Aquaman by introducing the character in Justice League. But the filmmaker isn’t involved in writing the story for Wonder Woman 2, which is currently being penned by Jenkins and DC Films CCO Geoff Johns. However, Snyder is still producing that movie as well as executive producing Wan’s Aquaman – the next DCEU movie on the docket to hit theaters.

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