The Real Price of The ‘Arrow’ Costume Revealed

by Ari Bard
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With the large amount of characters CW’s Arrowverse has brought to television in recent years comes a large amount of costumes, and many may wonder how much Arrow’s costume costs.   Marc Guggenheim, Arrow showrunner, was asked how much the costume costs to make at a panel during ACE Comic Con Long Island.  He responded by saying,

“I would say the Arrow costume costs us about $5,000 to make.” Guggenheim explained. “So every time we need to do a new costume, like sometimes they get damaged doing stunts. Sometimes, you know, like in Season 4, we created a brand new costume. It costs about $5,000.”

He explained that the number may not be 100% accurate but that it was a good ballpark figure.

As more people have asked about costume cost over the years, a winner for most expensive seems to have emerged.  It is reported that Ray Palmer’s “The Atom” mech suit costs $189,000.  Legends of Tomorrow executive Phil Klemmer commented on such a high cost by saying,

“The only challenge is how expensive his costume costs, and the danger that we actually injure him doing stunts, because his costume actually costs not just more than a car — more than, like, your average American home.  So the scariest thing about Atom is I’m thinking, like, ‘When do you use a digital double, and when do you use Brandon?'”

You can see the Arrow costume and more when Arrow returns from its mid-season hiatus on January 18, 2018.

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