Cyborg Gets His Human Body Back

by Brad Filicky
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Victor Stone has mostly viewed the cybernetic enhancements that make him Cyborg as more of a curse than a blessing. He has longed to be fully human, and now he has his chance. The story titled “Wretched of the Earth” begins in Cyborg #19, the first chapter written by Kevin Grevioux (Underworld). 

The arc takes place in Africa where Victor and his friend Sarah Charles investigate mysterious meteorites. It turns out they are products of dark magic. After an attack by some revolutionaries, Victor discovers a blue rhino horn that contains a Jinn who asks what the deepest desires of Victor’s heart is.

Well you can guess what that may be. Dealings with Jinn rarely go without consequences and when the revolutionaries return, Victor finds himself to be all too human. Magic or not, Victor is going to learn the limits of humanity and the heights of heroism.

Cyborg #19 is available now.

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