Review: Supergirl #16

Review: Supergirl #16

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Jody Houser & Steve Orlando

Artists: Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, Michael Atiyeh, & Stanley “Artgerm” Lau



Supergirl takes on new threats in National City while the DEO’s hunt for her continues.

Review: Supergirl #16


This was another really fun and entertaining issue from Orlando and Houser, albeit with a few negative points. The story progresses very nicely from the first issue in this story arc, as we once again see Kara wanting to help people, despite the DEO and the city’s hatred of her. I have to give it to Orlando and Houser, they’ve done a great job at capturing the spirit and character of Supergirl, something that hasn’t been done in years, or much since the start of DC’s Rebirth launch.

Another nice touch to this issue is we get two brand new characters never seen before in comics (not that I know of at least). The reason this is a huge positive is because it’s about time Supergirl gets her own characters and villains. For years the character has been criticized for always “borrowing” characters and villains from the Superman universe, without ever really establishing a “Supergirl” universe all her own. Whether or not these new characters will stick around for awhile remains to be seen, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

The art once again was fantastic. The action scenes were bold and colorful, with the facial expressions, especially those of the villains, were menacing, sadistic, and honest. One thing I really notice in Rocha’s art of Supergirl is how much older he makes her look compared to previous and other artists that have drawn her. I for one love this look of her. It reminds we a lot of Peter David’s Supergirl back in the 90s, and the in the most recent Supergirl: Being Super mini series.

I can’t wrap up this segment without mentioning Stanley “Artgerm” Lau’s variant cover. I don’t know how much DC is paying him for these covers, but he’s worth every penny and then some. His variants so far have been phenomenal, and the latest variant, shown below, is no exception. If your like me, collect every Supergirl variant he puts out, because they are well worth it.

Review: Supergirl #16


I’m really loving the relationship between Kara and her adoptive parents, but since the beginning of this story arc, its been pretty much the same story with them. They don’t want Kara to go out and save people while the DEO is hunting her. Now that’s sound advice for sure, but it seems like that’s all they have to say since this story arc started. No ideas on how to get the people of National City back on her side, or maybe to investigate the secrets of the DEO, something else besides don’t go out there. It would have been ok for the first issue, but would have love to of seen some progression with their story by the second.

Since the start of DC’s Rebirth launch, I’ve really enjoyed their commitment of lineage and “going back the their roots”.  That being said, finding out the Strange Visitor was Sharon Vance was pretty neat, but I also had no idea who she was. Fortunately, there was a comment on the second page stating where Supergirl last saw her, in Superman #173, which was way back on August 1, 2001. If the writers somehow tied the events of that story into this one, it would have been really amazing, but the sad thing is, after reading Superman #173, Supergirl wasn’t even in the book, so not sure how she would even know Sharon. Doesn’t really make much sense.

Review: Supergirl #16



Despite a few negatives, this was a great issue. It had beautiful artwork, heart, action and a fantastic story.

Danny Saab

Writer and producer of DC fan films Girl of Steel and Batgirl Rises. Started reading monthly comics 5 years ago and never looked back. Sheer and absolute allegiance to the greatest hero that ever lived, Supergirl.