Review: Bombshells United #8

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artists: Mirka Andolfo



Batwoman has joined the war in Spain, still missing the safe haven she used to have in Gotham. Will a reunion bring her the peace she’s seeking?


In this issue, we catch up with Kate Kane and also get a back story. It is nice to see one instead of being thrown into the middle of the war, as most of the series has usually done. Here we see how Kate joined the war effort in the first place. We also get a love story between Kate and Maggie Sawyer, portraying such a beautiful relationship when societal attitudes to the LGBTQ community was not as progressive. We also get a different version of Talia Al Ghul, one not as sinister as we are used to seeing.  And lastly, the fact that this arc mirrored somewhere historical and mystical, makes it an even more intriguing storyline, as I can watch a spinoff of this particular storyline by itself.


The only negative I have, and that I can honestly say I rarely ever think this of a book, is that this issue moves way too fast, as the pacing contained a ton of tidbits which propelled the story, but much too quickly.



Buy, as this is probably one of the few arcs within this alternate history that gives us a complete picture of a character.


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