Watchmen Set to Film in March

Watchmen HBO -DC Comics News

Who watches the Watchmen? If HBO and Damon Lindelof have their way, everyone will as they bring the acclaimed Graphic Novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons to life in a new television series. HBO put in an order for the pilot back in September, but as of yet there have been no casting announcements made.

But, fortunately, there has been forward movement on the project as they have now scheduled March 2018 as the start date for filming.Watchmen Movie - DC Comics News

Watchmen was published in 1986-87 but wasn’t adapted for the silver screen until 2009 by director Zack Snyder. In 2012, DC Comics published a set of mini-series’ that gave more background to each character within the Watchmen universe called Before Watchmen. Most recently, DC Comics and legendary writer Geoff Johns have begun publishing a sequel to Watchmen titled: Doomsday Clock. No word on any of the material from Before Watchmen or Doomsday Clock will be part of the new HBO series. But it could be an amazing way to tie the current DCEU movie universe to an HBO television series if they did.

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