Matthew Vaughn Wants To Save DC Movies And Has Asked Mark Millar For Help On ‘Man Of Steel 2’

by Brad Filicky
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The recent crop of DC Films have had a hard time pleasing critics, and director Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman, Kick-Ass) wants to help. Vaughn revealed on episode #413 of the IGN UK podcast:

“I do love the world of DC, and I’ve been talking to them at the moment about a few things,” “It’s more fun getting involved with franchises when they’re on the down, because then it’s easier to make a good film. So if I got involved with a few of the superhero films out there that have been disappointing, it’s going to be… if I do OK, it’ll probably be better.”

“If I was going to do Batman, there’s no point doing the Dark Knight, because it’s been done to perfection — if I was doing Batman, I’d go ‘Christ, let’s bring out the Adam West version,’” Vaughn added. “I’m not interested in copying somebody else’s take on the genre.”

“I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing next and I feel like flexing a muscle which I haven’t used before,” Vaughn said, “And I’ve filmed quite a few superhero movies.”

In other Matthew Vaughn news, famed comic writer Mark Millar has stated that Vaughn has asked for his input on Man Of Steel 2. He had this to say to El Fanboy Podcast:

“He and I are massive Superman fans. I mean, we worship Richard Donner. We love the Christopher Reeve movies,” Millar explained. “He actually phoned me up a few months ago, and he said, “Hey, listen, DC, they’re very interested in me doing Man of Steel 2. Do you want to come in and do this?’ And I was like, ‘I’m exclusive to Netflix for years. We can’t even have that conversation.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, man. What’s the chances of this?’ And then he kind of drifted away. And he’s attached himself to a couple of things and all that. Y’know so, it’s one of those things that might, I mean — if somebody phones Matthew up and offers him enough money it could all change tomorrow.”

This wouldn’t be the first time the two have collaborated. Vaughn directed the adaptions of Millar’s Wanted and Kick-Ass.  Be sure to stay tuned for any further updates.

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