Review: Action Comics #994

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Story & Pencil Art: Dan Jurgens

Finished Ink Art: Art Thibert, Trevor Scott, Johnny Desjardins & Joe Prado

Color: Hi-Fi



Booster Gold and Superman are under attack from Kryptonians in battle armor.  It’s one of the things that Superman sees that makes him question what’s going on with time.  Booster explains that their trip to the past may be the cause of the problem.

It doesn’t take Zod long to call out the Eradicators to capture Superman and Booster.  As they evade them, Skeets has a fairly detailed explanation of what’s happening with time and the fragmenting of the past with an alternate time line.  Booster takes charge and forces Superman to come along instead of waiting around to see what happens.  Superman feels it’s his one chance to see what really happened to Jor-El, but Booster knows that if this time line solidifies, Superman’s future as the Man of Steel is over.

They make it to the Time Sphere and as they travel away, Superman sees what this future would’ve held for him as the head of Krypton’s first family with wife and children.  Their escape ends up not being all it first appeared as the Eradicators have managed to follow them through the time rift to the Time Sphere’s destination – 25th Century Gotham City.


Building on last issue, Action Comics #994 continues to present the Booster Gold in his most enjoyable iteration – as a protector of time.  It’s not often Superman is presented as the one who doesn’t know what’s best, so it’s a nice twist to see Booster Gold in the driver’s seat and Superman too distracted by his emotions to act sensibly.  This situation does a lot for both characters.  Booster gains some of the legitimacy he so desperately seeks, and the human side of Superman makes him more relatable.

The possible future Superman glimpses is again a nice callback to the Mort Weisinger Superman era.  It’s not the first time Superman has learned of a possible future in which the Kryptonian civilization survived, the most famous example is probably Alan Moore’s “For the Man Who Has Everything.”



No real negatives here, although this story arc has a bit of a throwback feel that may not be enjoyable to some readers.



An even  mix of action, fun and character make this issue another solid chapter in the post-Rebirth era of Superman.   It may not come quickly, but it seems certain Superman will get his answers about Jor-El and Oz.  But first, there’s more time travel fun to be had next issue as the Eradicators will certainly not be welcome in the 25th century.  As Superman’s future was threatened this issue, it appears that Booster’s existence will be challenged next.


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