Bruce Wayne Offers Cash To Aquaman in ‘Justice League’ Deleted Scene

In Justice League, when Bruce Wayne attempts to recruit Aquaman, he offers $25,000 to speak with the reluctant stranger. After spotting the Motherbox symbols Bruce increases the offer to $30,000 to include information on the meaning of the symbols.

The final cut ends any discussion regarding the money following Bruce’s offer, however inside the Justice League: The Art of the Film Book there a photo (Below) taken from a deleted scene which shows Aquaman holding Bruce forcefully against the wall, and inside Bruce’s hand is in fact cash offered for the introduction, as well as information regarding the symbols.

Bruce offer Aquaman money in a Justice League deleted scene

The final cut jumped straight to the two heroes discussing Bruce’s offer before Aquaman seemingly declines before diving into the sea and swimming away.

I guess we are left to assume that this is how Bruce managed to talk his way out of the confrontation and persuade Aquaman to hear him out.

We all know Warner Bros. cut a lot of Zack Snyder’s original footage to add more humor but this (along with others) seems to be an odd choice of scene to cut as I personally think it would have fit nicely with the tone.

Let me know what you think of this deleted scene, would it have made more sense or was it not needed at all?

Rob Towsey

Rob Towsey

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