Arrow’s Bruce Wayne Easter Egg Just a Tease, says Gugghenhiem

by Jay
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For fans who have gone ballistic at the name dropping of Bruce Wayne from the mouth of Oliver Queen in an October episode of Arrow, Marc Gugghenhiem says not to get their hopes up for a possible Batman appearance.

“No,“ the executive producer explains, “I love a good Easter egg, and I love doing the occasional name drop. You know, we name dropped Hal Jordan at the beginning of Season Three, but it’s really just fun for us. I think in the Arrowverse we already have our own Justice League and the Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman. [T]hese are all characters that are either spoken for on the movie side and/or other shows. There’s a Bruce Wayne on Gotham. [Over] here on the CW, we’re sort of mischievious lot, and we enjoy the occasional Easter egg. [And] our partners at DC are very tolerant of our mischief. But that’s really all it is. Just good nature, good fanboy mischief.”

The mischief in question this year arose during the Season Six episode of Arrow “Tribute,” in which Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is confronted by reporters on the scandalous photograph released to the media of him as an unmasked Green Arrow. He defended himself by noting how easy it is to photoshop someone’s face and superimpose them on someone else’s body. He then asked if Bruce Wayne has ventured outside of Gotham City. Before that, on Supergirl during season two, Kara noted to her friends how her cousin used to work alongside a vigilante with a lot of gadgets and a lot of demons. Sadly, however, Marc just quelled any hopes of seeing the Dark Knight appear on any Earth within the Arrowverse.

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