DC’s New Age of Heroes Trailer Now Online!

by Jay
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A new age is dawning at DC Comics. Beginning in January, the “New Age of DC Heroes” line of comics debuts, the collaborated product of DC’s Master Class.  And a new trailer has been released to showcase this influx of new blood.

Eight titles – Damage, The Silencer, Sideways, The Terrifics, The Immortal Men, The Curse of Brimstone, New Challengers, and The Unexpected – are to be manned by an all-star team. Trailblazing artists such as Jim Lee, Philip Tan, Ivan Reis, Andy Kubert, John Romita Jr., Tony S. Daniel, Kenneth Rocafort, and Ryan Sook pair up with legendary modern scribes the likes of Jeff Lemire, Scott Snyder, Dan Abnett, Robert Venditti, Dan DiDio, Steve Orlando, Justin Jordan, and James Tynion IV.

DC has released backup interviews and previews of this joint effort in the past monthly installments of the regular titles. The project is a launching pad for both new, dynamic characters, as well as an opportunity to reintroduce well known characters and teams in keeping with the trend of DC Rebirth.

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