Review: Cyborg #20

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Kevin Grevioux

Pencils: Cliff Richards



Still in the heartland of Africa but now a full human, Vic Stone aka Cyborg is fighting the terrorists that have exploited children as soldiers and more thanks to a mystical horn that grants wishes–however, with terrible consequences. Needing his powers back more than ever, how can Vic Stone become Cyborg once again?


I loved the second part of this issue that Kevin has written here. Cyborg, thanks to the horn, has been stripped of his powers, and at first he’s all too happy. However, the wishes the horn makes have serious consequences and soon Vic catches a dangerous fever in the jungle. Still contending with the General of the African army from the previous issue, Vic is shocked to see the General slaughter a whole village of people. Feeling responsible, Vic once again uses the horn to make possibly the worst wish–to bring the village back to life. The villagers return to life, but they return as zombies!



I have no negatives about this issue. For many previous issues we’ve seen Cyborg deal with threats that were mostly tech based. However, Kevin takes what’s been done in the previous issues and tosses it out the window. Here Cyborg is completely out of his comfort zone with no weapons or technology of any sort.



Cyborg #20 is a great read. There’s one particular part I enjoyed when Sarah actually rips into Vic about his abilities. For the last few issues, Cyborg has been dealing with wanting to be normal again, and Sarah finally tells him off. She notes his powers and abilities, the fact that he’s a hero and a member of the Justice League, and then reminds him of people who have disabilities, those who can’t do for themselves and how they still refuse to quit living. She reminds Vic that instead of constantly beating himself up he should be grateful for his abilities. Hopefully that conversation stays with Cyborg in the next few issues.



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