Scarecrow Gets Recast In ‘Gotham’

by Shean Mohammed
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For fans of Gotham, change is constant on the show, as the characters come and go with the wind. This is also true for the players, as Poison Ivy was probably the most prominent change in recent memory. Now, with major repercussions from the midseason finale, we saw the return of Jerome, which will signal to fans that there are more villains are on the horizon. One of those villains, will be Scarecrow, who last time viewers saw him, he escaped Jim Gordon and fled Gotham. As recent reports reveal, a casting call went out for the character:

[JONATHAN CRANE] Male, Early to Mid 20s. Caucasian. After being dosed with a fear toxin developed by his late father, Jonathan Crane was paralyzed by fear, until he learned to turn that fear on others. Dressing up as a scarecrow, he now uses home-made fear toxin to terrorize Gotham. Erratic, terrifying, and psychopathic, he no longer identifies as “Jonathan Crane,” preferring to go by his true name — “Scarecrow”….

It looks as if they are going to explain the change, very much in the same vein as Poison Ivy, maybe due to the chemicals surrounding Gotham. Either way, the direction may be bold enough to give Bruce his first real archenemy.

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