Batman Get His Very Own Version Of The Infinity Gauntlet

by Shean Mohammed
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In another bout of friendly competition between DC and Marvel, the recent issue of Dark Nights: Metal sees Batman wielding a bit of power. In another crazy panel in this far out story arc, Batman receives a gauntlet which holds all the colors of kryptonite. This storyline pits him against evil clones of Superman, ranging from hybrids to alternate versions. The evil Barbatos uses Superman’s worst fears against him and the whole DC Universe to unlock the Dark Multiverse, and the only way Bruce can control them is through this weapon.

In this particular issue, Batman is just crazy enough to kill them all, as one of the hybrids, Man of Steel, and Batman from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, recognizes and helps prevent Barbatos from winning this round.


As this event unfolds who knows what other goodies or clever nods Capullo and Snyder will give readers in the coming weeks.

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