[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Pencils: Paul Pelletier



After the events involving Donna’s evil counterpart Troia, the Justice League have decided to pay a visit! Questioning the Titans over their recent actions the League decides that the team must be shut down! However Nightwing might have something else to say about that!



Finally after so many issues of us following the Titans battles against Psimon, Troia, The Key, Mister Twister and more, the consequences of those battles have finally come to bear. When the Justice League comes to visit, they bring up everything the Titans have done in the last few issues. Although the world was ultimately saved, the team had a mole from within, Wally died and came back to life, and Donna’s own future evil counterpart Troia, nearly tore the Titans apart. Abnett brings up the friendship of Nightwing and Flash very well here, as Barry brings up the fact that because of friendship Nightwing refused to put Wally on the sidelines although he knew about his heart condition. Batman reminds Nightwing and Wally how dangerous the nearly limitless power of speedsters can be and for this reason Wally should’ve been sidelined from the beginning.


Abnett gives me no reason to criticize this book. Although there isn’t a main villain in this issue or a threat to fight, Abnett fills that void with incredible dialogue between the teams. Wonder Woman and Donna, Nightwing and Batman, Flash (Wally) and Flash (Barry), all have one on one conversations that remind you of the history that they all share and how the Titans came to be in the first place. One particular scene to me that stands out is between Batman and Nightwing. Nightwing asks Batman is he disappointed because of his leadership as of late to which Batman reminds him of when Nighwing first met the League years ago as Robin. Robin upon meeting the League asks Batman was he going to be apart of the League someday. Batman calmly replies no…you’re going to lead it. This one flashback scene shows the bond between Dick and Bruce and no matter how Dick has faltered in his leadership as of late–Bruce still trusts Dick to lead the Titans and eventually the Justice League of the future.


Titans #19 was a great read and I can’t wait to see the further consequences of the League’s intervention. Roy in particular is taking the League’s judgment pretty harshly and Abnett leaves us on a cliffhanger involving him. With the rest of the Titans currently disabled, I’m wondering who will be left to give Roy an assist as he’s trapped on a roof in an intense shootout. Can’t wait to see if Roy Harper gets out of this alive!


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